Dear diary,

The situation is becoming untenable. In addition to persisting with the “food” she has discovered an entirely new offense to perpetrate against me.

Today, as I was playing, she approached me with what appeared to be a bottle. I eagerly took this from her, but quickly realized that while it resembled that comforting object, it was filled with a clear, tasteless substance and had a hard nipple on which to bite.

Understandably, I hurled this at her without a second thought. She left me to my playing then, but a few minutes ago she tried again. As you can see I did give it a close inspection, but it did not pass muster. This time I threw it at the floor

I shall continue my resistance in earnest and I hope that tomorrow I will write you with better news.


2 responses

  1. Try it, Finn – you might like it! Michael likes playing with his and occasionally will take a sip. He has the same one…it’s not so bad, I promise!

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