Safe Bet


Dear diary,

Today I decided to play it safe with mama and be a super extra good boy, just to be SURE she doesn’t leave me again.

I ate all of my first breakfast. I played in bouncy and laughed and giggled lots to make sure she thought I was cute. I laughed extra hard when she made stupid faces at me.

I also tried really hard to just buckle down and eat the stupid carrots (did I tell you I figured out that orange cereal is just cereal with CARROTS in it?!) but then I noticed that amazing strap on my high chair… Do you see this thing? Who can concentrate on carrots when this strap is RIGHT THERE waiting for them??

Anyway… For some reason mama didn’t make me eat all the carrots. She threw her hands up in the air (but she didn’t wave ’em like she didn’t care) and unbuckled me to let me play.

Still a good boy,

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