Squeaky Clean


Dear diary,

A ton of super awesome stuff has been happening in my world this week and I’ve just been far too busy enjoying most of it to write to you. I’m really sorry.

One of the things I love the most (besides doggies and kitties and mama and daddy) is BATH TIME. Holy cow. Every night mama and daddy take me upstairs before bed and we play find my feet, and I pet kitty on the bed even though she sometimes yells at me, and they zerbert my belly AND my back, and then I get to go in the tub.

As soon as I get in the tub I kick my feet like crazy to make waves, and then I smash my hands into the water. Until this week the very best part of my bath was the sprinkler thingy at the end, which always makes me squeal. But then this week, oh diary, this week everything changed.

I got in the tubby and there.were.toys. TOYS in my bath tub. I grabbed at them and they had water in them! And mama squished one and it spit at me which was about the funniest thing ever. Diary, being sick has been no fun at all but those toys made my whole night. Plus, I played so hard with them that afterward I slept the whole night through.

Squeaky clean,

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