Water Baby


Dear diary,

Mama is full of surprises! Today we went in the car and stopped at a funny place. We went into a room with no windows and mama made me stay on one of those stupid fold-down changing tables. Then she put a funny diaper on me and a pair of shorts that felt weird.

We went into a bigger room that was really loud. There were LOTS of big kids jumping into the very biggest bathtub I’ve ever seen. And then, dear diary, mama took ME into a giant bathtub and – get this – she came in with me! It was really warm and there were other little kids like me in the bathtub with their mamas.

Mama says that we were at a swimming lesson. But I don’t know what that is, and I don’t know if I learned anything. I used a big yellow board to help hold up the octopus I found floating in the giant tub so I could chew on him while I floated too. For a while I laid on my back in the tub, too, but I couldn’t see enough things and kept craning my head backwards. Then my eyeballs were under water and I wasn’t sure I liked that so we went back to being on my tummy and using the board. I chewed on a turtle for the rest of the time. Mama says the tub is called a therapy pool. She uses weird words.

There was a man in the pool who kept talking to all the different babies and he told mama that I’m a water baby. I think I’m just a Finn baby, but it seemed to make mama happy to hear that. I sure do like going to this place.

Just before we got out of the tub/pool the man made the mamas sing a song about wheels on a bus. I was supposed to help with the actions but I was really busy holding the yellow board up so I couldn’t.

Back in the room with no windows mama and I took a shower, which is just like my squirty bottle in the tub at home and I really liked that part too. I hope we go back really soon.

Your water baby,

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