The Owl Place


Dear diary,

This has been an enriching week for sure. Today we went back to that car place AGAIN, which was not super fun. But I didn’t have to get out of the car today and now mama says her car doesn’t scream anymore. That’s good, I think.

After the car place we went to a place that had lots of owls and LOTS of TVs. I liked looking at all those different TVs. Auntie Sarah was there and I accidentally bit my finger really hard while she was holding me so I yelled a bunch and she made it ok.

My favorite part about the owl place (besides all the ladies with owls on their shirts who smiled at me) was what mama says are balloons. I grabbed and grabbed at them and they had strings that I could hold really good. I tried to bite the balloons but mama and daddy said nono and took them. So I got a little bit mad and hit daddy with the balloon. But I kept playing with it.

There were other babies there too, like my friends Logan and Quinn, and I think I like other babies now. When I smile big at them they smile back at me, just like the baby in the mirror does! I could get used to that.

Dreaming of balloons,

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