Admitting When I’m Wrong


Dear diary,

In the interest of honesty I feel it’s my responsibility to write a correction to one of my previous sentiments.

You may remember that during the carrot/orange cereal debacle I loudly decried that orange food was poison. I felt strongly about this conviction at the time, but subsequent events have altered my perception.

It appears there is more than one orange food. I know this because mama presented me recently with orange cereal again, and of course I tried to refuse it but sadly was unable.

What I discovered, though, was that it.was.DELICIOUS. I gobbled that cereal down grinning the whole time! The next day, mama didn’t even mix the orange stuff with cereal, she gave it to me straight, and I ate with gusto! Since then I have been eating this delicious stuff – mama calls it sweet tatoes – excitedly every time she presents it. I wave my arms and squeal at her to make sure she understands it’s great. She’s not always the smartest, you know.

So that’s all. I wanted to tell you that even though I still strongly believe that carrots are of the devil, sweet tatoes are fantastic.


2 responses

  1. Dear Finn,
    I absolutely LOVE your diary enteries… They make me laugh, they make me cry… they make me smile! You have a GREAT momma.. Even when she tries to feed you carrots.
    Aunt Kellie

  2. So glad you succumbed, Finn! They’re even good as a grownup (although you might rebuff them in your teen years. Teens tend to rebuff EVERYTHING!). Enjoy!

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