Dear diary,

Remember when I told you how mama went away that one time and I was SURE she wasn’t coming back ever?

Diary, it happened again. Last time she was gone when I woke up in the morning and still gone when I went to sleep, but when I yelled for her from my bed she appeared like magic.

This time we spent our day like usual, me feeding the dogs the weird flat things mama gives me that she calls cookies (I’ve seen the cookies she eats and I don’t think they’re like mine, Diary), mama drinking that brown stuff she makes every morning that she says wakes her up even though she already looks awake to me, and then me cleaning the floors for her with my belly as I motor around the living room. It’s a service I perform free of charge, even though mama doesn’t appreciate me dusting under the furniture with my legs as much as I think she should.

After nap daddy was home and then mama left. No big deal. I showed daddy my army crawl and impressed him with my pushups.

But diary, when bedtime came mama still wasn’t home. I tried to be a good boy and go to sleep but I kept thinking that if I yelled like I did last time maybe mama would appear again. But she didn’t… After a couple of hours I gave up and subsided into sleep.

Saturday was fine. Daddy and I visited with Grandma and she had a balloon that I played with. We went in the car to the baby store (but you can’t buy babies there. Their marketing is pretty misleading, I think) because mama told daddy he had to get me diapers at the one day sale, and they had a ceiling fan I got to watch. So that was cool. I forgot about mama being gone.

But when nighttime came again and she still wasn’t home I started to get really scared. What if she never came back? What if I never got to chew on her again, or show her my tricks? What if she never ate my face or zerberted my belly? Diary this was just too much to take. So even though daddy did everything he could to soothe me, I yelled. A lot. For a long time. When daddy held me I didn’t yell quite as much, but I still whimpered. When he tried to put me down I told him the only way I could that it was NOT okay to do that. Diary, I thought if I yelled long enough mama would have to come back. But she didn’t. I waited until two in the morning but then I couldn’t stay awake anymore.

Mama did come home the next day but now I’m worried that if I turn my back for too long she’ll disappear again. Diary, why don’t they make a mama tracker? I hold onto her really tight when she tries to put me in baby jail, but she still gets away sometimes and leaves the room. I’ve started to yell when she does that sometimes, because I don’t think it’s right to leave me like that.

Diary, I think she needs retraining.

5 responses

  1. Don’t worry Finn! Mama will always come back. You’re too cute to stay away from. (And PS. She likes the zerberts as much as you do!)

  2. Dear Finn,
    Your bravery is outstanding. I do not think they have a momma tracker but i can tell you that I was with your Momma and let me tell you, YOU are all she talked about and she showed us some VERY cute pictures of you… She missed you very much! But she did have a good time. It should be outlawed… Mom, having fun, without you?!?!? It is ok Finn. You were so brave. And for the record, it broke my heart listening to you cry too… Hugs and Kisses!
    P.S. Did you like your new froggy?
    Auntie Kellie

  3. Finn –

    Too bad we didn’t live closer…you and Michael have a lot in common. He gets very concerned when I’m not home, too. So much that when I am home and I leave the room he gets really upset – even if daddy is there! Lately he has started chasing me when I leave the room – and he yells at me the whole time as I walk away. I think he would prefer that I carry him with me instead of him having to crawl after me.

    Till next time –

    • Dear Ashley,

      Michael and I seem to have significant philosophical similarities. I have also begun to yell at mama when she leaves the room. Just yesterday I had to chase her into the bathroom to make sure she was still here, and I yelled at her the whole time. You and mama need to get your acts together and just wear us in slings or carriers all the time like good mamas should.

      Tell Michael he hast sympathies and I hope he gets you properly trained soon. Hmph.


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