Positive Reinforcement


Dear diary,

I have been training mama for a little more than eight months now and I’ve learned a lot about what is (and isn’t) effective.

Today I thought I’d tell you about the strategy that has been most effective on a longitudinal scale. It’s a type of positive reinforcement (I find the effects of positive reinforcement are generally more advantageous to me and more replicable).

Diary, this is a big secret I’m telling you. I trust you.

It’s my tongue. Really. All I have to do is stick it out and mama is putty in my hands. Even if I’ve been doing something that makes her make the Mad Face, if I stick my tongue out it’s all better. I started using this trick months ago and I’ve finally perfected it.

I try it on the doggies and the kitties too, but it’s far less effective.


I have other training exercise I use on mama and maybe someday I’ll tell you about then, but really – if you want things to go your way, all you have to do is stick out your tongue.








4 responses

  1. Dearest Finn,
    OK.. I admit it… I am putty in your hands with the whole tongue thing too…. you are just too cute. That adorable little face and that devilish smile just get to me every time…. I miss my little buddy. Please tell your mommy I need my Finn-fix soon… I may not make it. Love you oodles!!!!
    Auntie Kellie

  2. Finn, I think you should aim higher. Your tongue melts me over the internet, in person it must slay your Mom! Next time, try for a Ferrari. Or a supermodel nanny. πŸ™‚

  3. Finn –

    Michael wants to know where you got your awesome robot outfit in that first picture. He’s quickly out growing his clothes and always looking for new awesome ones (or what mommy thinks are awesome!)

    The tongue trick is pretty good…Michael doesn’t know that one. He’s got some other tricks up his sleeve, though.

  4. Dear Ashley,

    Mama made me go to babyGap to get my robot. His heart is fuzzy and I like to pet it. Mama says he was for Valentine’s day so you might still find him on clearance.

    P.S. Tell Michael to give the tongue a try. Mama sticks her out at me and I do the same. Tonight I even licked her forehead and that made her squeak.


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